Ihniko Elf Bow Seeker/Ranger

CLASS: Seeker/Ranger   ALIGN: Unaligned   AGE: 44   HT.: 5'5"   WT.: 133 lbs.   HAIR: Sand
EYES: Fir   DEITY: Melora   HOMELAND: Ihniko

STR: 10        AC: 15    
CON: 14        HP: 26     
DEX: 16        FORT: 12   REF: 14   WILL: 15
WIS: 18        INIT. MOD: +3  
INT: 10        LANG.: Elvish, Common
CHA: 11

AT-WILL: Hunter's Quarry, Biting Swarm, Twin Strike
ENCOUNTER: Elven Accuracy, Inevitable Shot, Flickering Arrow, Stalking Strike
DAILY: Encaging Spirit, Swarming Sparrows, Nature Sense

SPECIAL ABILITIES: Low-Light Vision, Wild Step
FEATS: Weapon Expertise (Bow), Weapon Focus (Bow)
TRAINED SKILLS: Acrobatics +9, Nature +12, Perception +12, Stealth +11
UNTRAINED SKILLS: Dungeoneering +5, Endurance +3, Heal +5, Insight +5, Thievery +4

LEGACY ITEMS: Rebounding Bow +1 [4], Addergrease Armor +1 [3], Brooch of Shielding +1 [3]
OTHER MAGIC AND MUNDANE ITEMS:  Backpack, bedroll, flint & steel, belt pouch, sunrods (2), trail rations (10), 50' rope, climber's kit, waterskin
WISH LIST: Boots of the Fencing Master

In the Bone Forest, which did not always have that name, there are elves that have almost been forgotten, the wood elves. This is due in large part because of the great destruction that befell their great forested city, Ihniko, in the War of the Three Forests. Before that wretched time, the Bone Forest, which was named for the elves that cared for it, stretched all the way to the Grey Hills mountains, but most of it has become an uninhabitable swampland now called the Dwarfmoors. All of this occurred around the time before the World Storm.

The wood elves were different from their brethren in that they bonded with the natural forces of the Prime Realm in the way the elves had with the Feywild when they occupied that realm exclusively. The spiritual bond that these elves enjoyed with the natural world rewarded them with a greater wisdom of the ways it worked. This, however, came at a cost, for these elves spent their time studying nature and not the books of recorded lore their people typically treasured. They did not practice the arcane arts as much as they practiced the primal magics generated by the natural forces they found in the Prime Realm. Consequently, their culture was shaped into something considered by the other elves as primitive and low.

After the War of the Three Forests, little remains of their civilization but legend and a ruined city encased in powerful magics and occupied by fiends of various types, natural beasts, aberrations, and the undead. In what remains of the forest, a small tribe of wood elves survives to protect what was left. This begs the question, why protect a city that you can no longer live in, a forest that is a shade of what it once was?

Noddyl is the pilindor, or head arrow, of a band of scouts that roam the border woods of the old Inhiko kingdom. He is young and not fully tested, but he is talented, skilled, and knows how to track trespassers in his forest with stealth and ambush them with crushing precision. In temperament, Noddyl is focused and resolute. He cares deeply for his kin and a carries an ancestral anger caused by a holocaust that happened 500 years ago.

His father is a bowmaker, and his mother is a healer. He has no brothers and sisters, as it seems the Ihniko elves have been cursed to bear only one child in their long lifetimes.


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