Fractured Realms

Aventure Log 3

Adventure Log 3


Part I

The Ballad of Urthrak, Beserker-at-your-service

The band of adventurers, rested and healed after their battle with the wolves in the middle of the night, continued to follow the tracks of the goblinoid raiders. They were confronted by a patrol who heard the noise of the party (i..e., Al) from a considerable distance and set up ambush. 2 Goblin skullcleavers attacked the party head-on, 2 wolfriders charged into the fray, and 3 goblin snipers appeared from behind trees. One lone hero struck out deep into the goblin party. He was left alone, locking down a wolfrider and an archer.

The party beat down the goblins, causing one to flee. The mighty Urthrak had fallen. With the 1 goblin fleeing, the whole party took chase, leaving poor Urthrak to die during the vital tracking attempts. The tracking proved for naught however, as it was clear the single goblin had evaded the party, and Urthrak was, indeed, dead forever.

Part II

The Allegory at the Cave

Noticing the tracks were leading them astray of the path to the slavers’ cave, the intrepid adventurers backtracked and looted the body of their fallen comrade. They pushed their way onward through the dense flora toward the cave, the burden of returning Urthrak’s belongings to his family set firmly on their shoulders.

After a few hours of their forest hike, goblinoid grunting and the rattle of armor could be heard just past the trees. A small clearing presented itself, a large rock jutting out, denying the greenery around it. A hole in the rockface was staunchly gaurded by a platoon of hobgoblin grunts and a bugbear warrior. On the rock itself crouched 3 hobgoblin archers prepared to sink their arrows into the hearts of their enemies. In front of the bugbear lay the dead body of the goblin archer who ran from the bold adventurers.

The battle began with the hobgolin’s lone charge, reminiscent of Urthrak’s fatal attack a combat ago. After exchanging volley’s with the hobgoblin archers, Varis took the bugbear’s assault in the face. Al moved in to help the elf. Andxor jumped in, his full blade hungry for goblinoid blood. Sylus put a hurt on a third of the hobgoblin platoon. The platoon’s subsequent hesitation isolated their bugbear friend, who was eventually put down. Brandis’ healing hand kept the whole party in, as they moved in and eradicated the remaining gaurds and the archers.



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