Ursa Major

ursa major

Ursa Major is a land in ruin. Long ago it was a land of great nations under the rule of an all-encompassing empire. All that is left of this long gone era are the ruins. Not much is known about who built these ancient cities and what caused their fall. The stories have slowly changed from generation to generation to a point where myth is indistinct from history.

Ursa Major is a land gripped in darkness. The strong wind currents of the stormwalls are why there are many stretches of uninhabited land, The Winderlands. The wind there blows too strong for the land to yield crops and for homes to stand.

Scattered among the vast stretches of windswept and ruined land are towns, villages, settlements, and cities of the surviving races of light. The precise number of years since the fall of the empire has long been forgotten. The races of Ursa Major have built new cities, but these pale in comparison to the ruined cities, many of which are surrounded with malevolent energy and are breeding grounds for vile creatures.

The Ruins

Ruins sparsely litter Ursa Major. These are the remnants of a once glorious empire and the nations that existed within it. Inside are abandoned cities now infested with wild and savage creatures. These cities also keep ancient secrets, tools, weapons, and treasure waiting to be claimed.


Unsettled territory dominates the landscape of Ursa Major. Beasts and monstrous humanoids run amok.

Ursa Major

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