The World Storm

Storm wall

Five hundred years ago, after the fall of the White Empire of the Aeristhyde Eladrin, a storm covered most of Ursa Major. The fierce wind, rain, and lightening destroyed many kingdoms and cities. Much of the written knowledge before the collapse of the last empire is likely buried in the cities and libraries toppled by the Storm. Any real record of how the Storm arose, how quickly it spread, and what it destroyed seems entirely nonexistent.

The World Storm drove the people of Ursa Major to find safe havens where it was weakest. In these pockets, they live surrounded by the storm’s remnant, the windwalls. Still, one would have expected some records to survive, but virtually none exist. It leads many to believe those records were sought and excised, a reasonable assumption considering how tightly the Aeristhyde Empire regulated the exchange of arcane and technological information during its reign. With Ursa Major in disarray, the eladrin in the Feywild simply continued the practices of their failed mortal world counterparts.

The World Storm has created a dark age within Ursa Major. The people stagnate, cut off from each other, unable to exchange ideas or create new thoughts or expressions without having new experiences to stimulate creative thought. Havens have limited resources, where conservation, proven methods, and survivability have shaped custom for centuries. These havens are prisons for the people of Ursa Major, who are captives of the storm unleashed.

The World Storm

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