Races of Light


The term “races of light” is the common translation of an Elvish term (ramspringa) that refers to races considered benevolent to the world. While there are plenty of examples of malevolent individuals of all the races, it is a convention used to differentiate between civilized peoples and monstrous humanoids such as gnolls, orcs, and goblins.

The etymology of the term ramspringa, or races of light, was born in ancient times, referring to those who lived above ground in contrast to those that were cursed to live in the underdark. In ancient times, before the gods achieved victory over the primordials, the Elvish language did not define the dwarves as among the Races of Light. Though dwarves are now considered among the Light, there is still some tension between the Dwarves and the fey races and it stems from those ancient times.







Eladrin (rare)

Half-Orcs (rare)

Goliath (very rare)

Shifters (very rare)

Other: Githzerai, Deva, and Teiflings would be considered unique, attracting tremendous attention, much of it unwanted. Minotaur and Wilden are monster races. Shardminds and Dragonborn don’t exist.

Races of Light

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