Ihniko ruins

“The King dreams of the day when he can die.” -Cyderel, Head Wizard to King Uridan of Ihniko

“Ihniko is a strange place where both the Feywild and Shadowfell collide with the Realms. If you skitter around the edges, it’s merely curious, but deep inside it, among the oldest of trees, is a bloomin’ nightmare. Your’s, mine, and the great king’s.” – Wynne Daluth, legendary explorer of Larenyss

“The key to saving our world from the crimes of my ancestors sleeps within the dark heart of that forest.” – Salistrad, descendant of the last High Lord of the Aeristhyde

In the Bone Forest, which did not always have that name, there are elves who have almost been forgotten, the Ihniko elves. This is due in large part because of the great destruction that befell their great forested city, Ihniko, in the War of the Three Forests. Before that wretched time, the Bone Forest, which was named for the elves that cared for it, stretched all the way to the Grey Hills mountains, but most of it has become an uninhabitable swampland now called the Dwarfmoors. All of this occurred around the time of The World Storm.

The Ihniko elves earned their fate by finding a distaste for the style of rule the Aeristhyde Empire imposed on the other Races of Light. Of all the races who found disfavor with the Aeristhyde’s rule, none opposed it so directly and with such bold determination. Some might argue that there was something of the pains brought on by The Great Schism playing itself in the war that ensued.

After the War of the Three Forests, little remains of their civilization but legend and a ruined city occupied by fiends of various undead and aberrant types. In what remains of the forest, a small tribe of Ihniko elves survives to protect what’s left.

Ihniko map


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