Humans have the greatest population among the races of light. Their societies are typically agrarian in nature, though there are some places where more metropolitan lifestyles have developed and schools of higher learning in arcana, history, and religion take place.

Among the largest cities (with population estimate) are: Arramor/Gaunes (18,000 and 16,000 ea. equaling 34,000), Roen (25,000), Dore (20,000)

The next largest cities (with population estimate) are: Blackgate (18,000), Marchlands (13,000), Orbor (10,000),

The largest towns (with population estimate) are: Coedalan (8,000), Triumport (7,000), Innerglid (5,000), Open Halls (4,000), Keldru (4,000), Utgard (3,000),

The largest Settlements (with population estimate) are: Larenyss (2,000), Romagna (1,600), Asauar (1,500), Everglass (1,200), Starfell (1,100), Vaena (1,000), Coldstone (800), Challor (800), Sarsias (800), Archen (700), Kameurard (600), Tuonela (400),

[*Other names in red on the map are either nonhuman settlements, names of general areas, or unknown to the commons]

Trade on Ursa Major is mostly a human endeavor. It became possible as those practiced in the arcane arts developed rituals to allow for small caravans to endure the fierce elemental forces within the stormwalls. The first and still most active trade route is along hte Greenflow River, then moving west to Orbor and Blackgate and stou to Ramagna and west into the Marchlands. Trade routes were established about 100 years ago, which allowed for the growth of major settlements and larger cities, though the major metropolitan areas had already begun to flourish because of their access to resources, especially the stone with which they could build walls and larger, lasting structures.


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