Fractured Realms

Adventure Log 1
Family Massacre Successfully Averted...

Goblin fire Six stalwart adventurers- a human cleric of Kord, a human avenger of Ioun, a human orb wizard, a goliath warden, an elf ranger, and a dwarf beserker –were brought together by fate and with disparate personal agendas to the rural village of Larenyss. There, the party was assembled by the village’s guard captain, Derrick the reeve, for a mission to protect one of the borderland farms from a goblin raid, as the goblins have been burning down barns and farmhouses and killing or kidnapping villagers. In their meeting with Derrick they were informed of the recent goblin attacks and of the villages history with the goblins. Apparently, a large goblin army had amassed itself in the southern reaches of the Bone Forest, prepared to ruin the human village and perhaps threaten towns south. Help was received from Gaunes and Roen. Each city sent a battalion and the humans drove the goblins back to their holes in the southern Bone Forest. The party learned that they were to protect a family by the name of Valorine, characterized as true frontierfolk. To test this characterization, Brandis requested suits of mail and weapons with which to arm the Valorine family for combat.

After the meeting Brandis, Varis, and Sylus went to examine the goblin tracks from the last attack. The clouds that had been threatening all day finally began to spill their rain, much to the displeasure of their guide. They pressed on, however, and arriving at the place where the goblins left the wood, could find nothing, not even the original footprints, as the rain washed all trace of the goblins passage away.

Meanwhile, Andxor visited the home of Immeral Ladrisyl, concerned that the records in the town’s largest library were properly protected. With Andxor’s help, Immeral determined that he would pack his books in preparation for their flight if the town were attacked. As a thank you, he rewarded Andxor with a map of all Ursa Major and the stormwalls that plague the continent.

Returning to town, the party reassembled to visit Jerrell, the lone surviving guard from the last goblin attack. He offered them no new information, until Bie Gae-Al, with Brandis looming beside him, intimidated the guard into admitting he had been a coward and run away at the first sign of the attack.

The party then visited Immeral’s house again. The half-elf, despite being put upon twice in one afternoon, was as gracious a host as ever invited the party in for tea and fruit muffins. The party learned that, when the goblin’s were defeated, a labyrinth of underground tunnels was found that started in the southern Bone Forest and stretched into the Dwarfmoors. The party became a bit distracted with the enjoyable task of getting to know one another, and Immeral promised he would put aside any books related to the goblin wars or the Bone Forest and Ihniko if he found any while he packed.

The party supped at the Golden Bough, listening to the melodic strumming of Chanti, the local bard. He sang with a honey-sweet tenor voice, “What do you do with a lying rogue? Throw him down the goblin hole! What do you do with a damned soul? Throw him down the goblin hole! Oh, the goblin hole, the goblin hole, Hell’s at the bottom of the goblin hole!”

The party then gathered in the town’s square for the military send off. The clouds that were drenching the land had spent all they had and disappeared. The setting sun could be seen clearly in the west. Derrick gave a rousing speech, invoking images of the heroism displayed in the Goblin War, assuring the listeners, both guard and villager, that with courage and hope they will defeat the current goblin incursion into their lands.

The party marched out to the borderlands with other patrols and made their way to the Valorine farm. The Valorines were ready to take on the armor and weapons the party had brought to defend their home. They patiently awaited the party’s plans for their protection, and finally, a defense emerged: The mother, daughter, and youngest son would hide in the tall grass on the north part of the property. Not far from them, Bie Gae-Al, Sylus, and Urthrak stand watch at the northwest corner of the barn. Brandis and the father stand in the third cornrow directly west. Andxor stands with the two oldest sons on the south side of the house. Varis is atop the silo like a hungry hawk.

The goblins rush in, believing themselves to be quiet and unsensed until they emerged from the tall grass on the south part of the property. They gang up on Andxor and the boys. Shortly the two boys lie bleeding to death on the ground, and Andxor is fighting for his life. A hobgoblin commander and fire beetle follow, and another goblin just lurks, unengaging in the tall grass. The rest of the party, with a distressed and raging dad Valorine, rush over and the battle becomes more balanced as total forces converge. In the end, the party killed 5 goblins, a hobgoblin commander, and a fire beetle. They knocked 1 goblin out and another ran for the hills. Father and second son survived, though they had fallen in battle, and Billy, the eldest, died at last.

During combat the party had heard the blare of an alarm horn from a neighboring farm and soon after a distant blaze appeared on the horizon. They sent the family to another neighbor’s and ran through the grassland to investigate. Varis stealthed ahead and sensed the second goblin party not far ahead. He struck a sunrod and dropped it, deftly running to the other side of the light before the goblins could get a shot off. The party looked into the burst of light and wondered, “Were the goblins lingering at the far end of the light, or are they sneaking around it in the darkness?”

The more perceptive partymembers heard the approaching goblin party and combat ensued. Among the goblin’s numbers was the one that got away from the last battle. Very quickly the party, now attacking from a more concentrated formation, put down the goblin party. One hobgoblin commander, however, got away. In all the party killed another 3 goblins and knocked another out, bringing their goblin captive count to 2.

I assume you are taking a five? What will you do with your captives? (I hope it’s evil.)

TOTAL PARTY EXP: 1200; yup, that’s 200 each.

Treasure: The one commander you killed had 1 potion of healing and 10 gold

OOG: We play again on Friday, Aug. 13th. Try to be there at 7:30pm, so we can start 8pm sharp.

Part One: A Tree Falls in the Forest

Black Forest

A group sets out from Larenyss on a guard mission but gets diverted into The Bone Forest chasing goblins and rumors of the fabled elven ruins of Ihniko.

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