Human Psion


== Created Using Wizards of the Coast D&D Character Builder ==
Sylus, level 5
Human, Psion
Build: Telepathic Psion
Discipline Focus Option: Telepathy Focus
Human Power Selection Option: Bonus At-Will Power

STR 9, CON 10, DEX 10, INT 19, WIS 14, CHA 16

STR 9, CON 10, DEX 10, INT 16, WIS 14, CHA 15

AC: 17 Fort: 14 Ref: 18 Will: 19
HP: 38 Surges: 6 Surge Value: 9

Arcana +11, Bluff +10, Diplomacy +10, History +11, Intimidate +10

Acrobatics +2, Athletics +1, Dungeoneering +4, Endurance +2, Heal +4, Insight +5, Nature +4, Perception +4, Religion +6, Stealth +2, Streetwise +5, Thievery +2

Basic Attack: Melee Basic Attack
Basic Attack: Ranged Basic Attack
Psion Feature: Distract
Psion Feature: Send Thoughts
Psion Attack 1: Dimensional Scramble
Psion Attack 1: Memory Hole
Psion Attack 1: Dishearten
Psion Attack 1: Mental Trauma
Psion Utility 2: Telekinetic Lift
Psion Attack 3: Id Insinuation
Psion Attack 5: Inflicted Mindscape

Level 1: Precise Mind
Level 1: Ritual Caster
Level 1: Discipline Adept
Level 2: Vicious Intrusion
Level 4: Controlling Advantage

Orb of the Peerless Artist +1 x1
Orb of Nimble Thoughts +1 x1
Robe of Contingency Cloth Armor (Basic Clothing) +1 x1
Cape of the Mountebank +1 x1
Unseen Servant
Adventurer’s Kit
Ritual Book
Silk Rope (50 ft.)
Make Whole
Secret Page
Wizard’s Curtain
Eye of Alarm
Last Sight Vision
Affect Normal Fire
Tenser’s Floating Disk
Comprehend Language
Glib Limerick
== End ==

Wish list for Sylus 

Green Thumbs
Headband of intellect
Zephyr boots
Boots of teleportation
Periapt of Cascading Health
Cloak of displacement
Bag of holding
Orb of Karmic Resonance
Orb of Crimson Commitment


Sylus’ birth mother Justina disappeared shortly after spawning her only child. It is presumed she is dead. Sylus, now 21, believes she is still alive. He believes her disappearance was directly related to what he calls, “The Conspiracy”. He is currently working as a wizard-for-hire (on his first mission in Laryness) which allows him to use his skills in magic to better the world in some way, while conveniently supporting him as he does not like to accept money from his father, Lord Goetherall, who, he will one day find out, is actually his grandfather.

Lord and Lady Goetherall’s eldest daughter Justina was seventeen years old when she disappeared. It was during a tutoring session that Justina fell in love with and almost ran away with the wizard Johan Sindri. Lady Goetheralll learned of the affair and crept into her daughter’s mind to find out she was pregnant. She hired a powerful dark mage to cast a spell that sent Justina and Johan far away. She feigned her own pregnancy and stole the boy out of the arms of her near dead daughter claiming him as her own and raising him as such. Sylus Goetherall Sindri was born on a cold Novemb night. He is the son of the love of a wizard and a psychic.

He does not realize that the woman who raised him as her son is actually his grandmother, and his brother Malthor, born 1 year later, is actually his uncle and heir apparent to the Goetherall estate. Sylus learned at a young age that he as different from his brother, and doesn’t have the knack that Malthor does in dealing with people as their father does. This was reinforced over the years when Sylus spent countless hours reading from the many books in his father’s library or at his store. Malthor, on the other hand seemed to inherit his mother’s ability to “read” people, and used that to his advantage when making sales for his father when he began working in the shops at age 13. Sylus is extremely intelligent and at a very young age became wary of his mother’s affect on those around them. He was very quiet and never let on that he could see her true witchery.

He studied magic for many years and it was taught to him by one of his father’s servants. This had to be done in secret because if Lady Mysril learned of his gift his life would surely be in danger. In addition to learning magic from, Sylus learned compassion from his nanny, Miranda. She is responsible for his gentle nature, and responsible for his lighthearted demeanor.

The day before Sylus turned 21 he was to receive a strange gift from an elderly woman he passed on the street. His mother had watched the exchange, and thought she recognized the old lady. It would turn out that the old lady was Sylus’ other grandmother, Johan’s mother, but he wouldn’t find that out for a few years. Lady Mysril stole, and tried to open the package, but she could not break the arcane rune protecting it. She tried several known methods, but could not break it. Sylus took one look and somehow was able to read it. When he opened it he saw an orb, a piece of cloth, and a small trinket. A sparkle of gold dust blew into the air and he heard an unfamiliar, yet calming voice say “These will guide you when the time is right. Head North to Laryness and meet your destiny”.

Sylus believes there is dark magic surrounding his home and is trying to gain more knowledge and power to fight it. He has no idea how much bigger this dark magic really is.
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