Human avenger of Ioun


Treasure: 150gp [ not up to date ]
Legacy Items: +1 Sunblade Fullblade[ 7 ], +2 Sanguine Vestments(Cloth)[ 8 ],
+2 Badge of the Berserker[ 7 ]

Other Magic and Mundane Items: Adventurer’s kit, candles(50), holy symbol, lantern, oil(pint) x2,
Repeating Crossbow, Bolts(20), magazine x2, journal, quill, ink, Bracers of Power
Wish List:


Home and Family:
Andxor was born amid the salty winds that blow off Tara’s Reach on one of the farmsteads that surrounds Milldan, a small town that bordering the mouth of the Greenflow river.
At the age of seven, Andxor’s family was killed by agents of Vecna, for their part in helping priests of Ioun uncover their schemes.
Even though the agents were killed soon after, they haunted his memories for years to come. Andxor was then adopted by Jorl and his wife, Corerien, and raised along with their children Isara and Jonorn, in their tavern the Buxom Basilisk. The tavern sits among a cluster of other shops and dockside buildings and doubles as a small repository for Ioun. It is a popular establishment that welcomes foreigner and local alike.

The Buxom Basilisk:
Jorl, one of the owners/barkeeps, was in the midst of keeping busy by polishing and dusting bottles while there was a lull in customers before the noon traffic. Isara, Jorl’s daughter, was moving briskly into the kitchen door carrying a basket of vegetables. Milton and Voras, two farmhands that most likely delivered goods to the market earlier from the Piedmont farmstead, were watching Isara’s disappearing form and alternating between grinning comments and their cold ale.
Hagrin, Jorl’s brother and the Buxom Basilisk’s other proprietor, was currently chatting to a trio of fishermen. The Buxom Basilisk is more then just a stopover for weary travelers, it’s one of a few scattered repositories for the servants of Ioun that reside within the town. A small room on the third floor was devoted to shelves and bookcases stuffed with papers, maps and tapestries. Of what is stored, copies of town records fill up most of the space. Sadly, no information can be found here of the days before the millennium storm.

Training and the church:
At thirteen, Andxor officially began training to become an avenger of Ioun, a desire that was sparked early in his childhood for revenge at the loss his family to Vecnaites. Jorl fanned and tempered that spark instilling a sense of duty to the goddess of knowledge and a deep sense of purpose in spreading her will. Jorl sent Andxor north up the coast to a small monastery nestled between the mountains of Darandrellur and the bay (Tara’s Reach) overlooking a few isles of The Teeth. He spent 6 years there sharpening both his mind and his sword for Ioun. Here he became a notable scribe with gifts in translating elven texts.

Faithful of Ioun struggle to locate, learn, spread and defend all knowledge and Andxor is no different in this regard. The struggle is a difficult one because lost lore is often found in the harshest environments, or can be found carried by savage of tribes that dot the landscape. Once located the lore must be retrieved, spread for everyone’s use, and most importantly it must be protected from Vecna; so he and his worshipers can not horde it for themselves. Retrieval can be anything from offing a bounty for the knowledge or item’s return (note: the current owner may not have lost the item yet) or the faithful of Ioun may organize themselves to retrieve the item personally. Spreading knowledge includes building schools and libraries, but it also entails spreading forbidden or dangerous knowledge, ideas that could spark revolt within a kingdom, or endanger the populace if used. Finaly, in their holy war against Vecna, large repositories are armed and heavily fortified areas where copies are stored. Entire secret wars have been waged within carpeted halls or between dusty shelves over arcane fragments. Infiltration is the preferred method of entrance for the spawn of Vecna, and spies are feared for the damage they can do. Because conflict surrounds the active faithful of Ioun which is why the church Ioun can count more avengers amongst their number then any other.

Andxor is traveling the land of Ursa Major to learn and find sanctuaries of Ioun. These sanctuaries may be libraries or academies, but more often then not they are meeting places where travelers can take refuge or simply gather. Wayside inns, taverns, even lighthouses in a busy port all draw people to them and foster the spread of knowledge. Currently Andxor is in the town Laernyss helping with a goblin infestation.

Of his known past:
Andxor speaks of Jorl and Corerien as his parents, and Isara and Jonorn as his siblings. He has few memories about his birth parents, and those he has tend to recall the painful time in his life when they passed away. He doesn’t speak of them, even though it goes against everything he’s been taught.
The town of Milldan holds a special place in his heart and he misses it’s people and the ocean air. Andexor is proud about his training at the monastery and would hold no information back of his time there or what he learned.

Legacy items: Fullblade and Cloth vestments earned after training. The necklace is a family heirloom ring worn on a mithril chain once belonging to his grandfather; other then that it’s history is unknown to him.


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