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Adventure Log 2

INTO THE WOODS: Who Let the Dogs Out?

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After enjoying victory over the second goblin raiding party, the adventurers split the party; Varis and Andxor investigated the neighboring farm, while everyone else stayed behind to interrogate the prisoners.

Varis and Andxor found a barn and house so consumed by fire that it was more prudent to let them burn. They also found the bodies of the patrol and a few of the goblin raiders scatted around the grounds. It was a poorly organized battle, which obviously worked to the goblin’s advantage.

The first goblin prisoner was helped to consciousness by Brandis’ healing hand. Awake, the goblin was then subjected to threats and questions from Brandis and Bie Gae-Al. Sylus played good cop and earned the hope of the prisoner as he pleaded, “You let me go?” The unspoken answer to the question was, “No,” when Urthrak walked up, tipsy on fermented goatsmilk, and clubbed the goblin to death. It was okay though, the party learned what they wanted- that there was a sizable group but not an army of goblinoids in the woods and that they were stationed at two locations, at an encampment a day’s travel away and a cave one additional day’s travel. They woke up the second goblin prisoner and repeated the process of intimidation and torture, confirming what the first goblin had said. The party rested the remainder of the night and in the morning returned to Larenyss to report to Derrick the reeve.

Derrick was pleased to get a report that the party had killed or captured all the goblins they encountered, though the news about the other patrol’s slaughter was disheartening. He supported the party’s decision to pursue the goblins into the Bone Forest and pledge a small army of men if that is what’s needed to defeat whatever threat lie in wait at the cave.

The party caught up with Immeral, who passed a book on the Goblin Wars to Sylus. In it, Sylus learned about the goblin tunnels that held the great goblin armies. There was a map of where the cave was located in the southern Bone Forest and maps of twenty-five miles of tunnels. The tunnels reach into the Dwarfmoors and extend beyond the maps. Sylus also learned that the Goblin’s all marched under a warlord-king named Kazzog. His flag was a blood red background and a golden halfmoon goblin face, a profile of the goblin king himself. Sylus remembered that some of the goblins the party encountered did wear items with Kazzog’s face.

Brandis found out that Brother Rothsby was neither an alchemist nor a storer of potions. Remi, the trader, however, had the potions of healing the party was looking for, at 60, no 53, no 54 gold pieces per.

Varis knocked on Wynne Daluth’s door (despite the boarded windows). Wynne answered, allowing Varis into his home and a look at the treasures foraged from many an exploration (despite the fact that he could only stay for about thirty minutes). In short, Wynne told Varis that in the Bone Forest there is the ruined elven city of Ihniko still ruled by an ancient king who believes he is still in the Three Forest’s War and the king has a servant wizard who appeared to Wynne in ghost form, beseeching Wynne to cure the king’s madness and save the people of Ihniko. Wynne believes that the city exists somehow in the intersection of the Shadowfell and perhaps even the Feywild. He is very sad to see you go (despite his wife’s protestations to his “entertaining fans”. “It’s what you get for being the wife of a legend,” he had assured her).

Finally, the adventurers return to the quest at hand and enter the Bone Forest. Varis expertly tracks the goblins back to their midway encampment, finding the eight + the escaped hobgoblin commander amidst four large tents and an extinguished fire. The commander tried to parlay with the group, but all he got was fightin’ ‘tude in response. It took some doing for the group, who battled as if missing one of their number, but the goblinoids were all killed. Treasure yield was 3 potions of healing and 12 gold. Clearly more had been at this camp, the raiding parties stopped over here, but there are tracks of another kind, of humans here. The village prisoners have been taken this way.

The party continued their pursuit of the goblinoid gang until fatigue bid them stop and camp was made. A watch was determined, and during their second watch, a pack of wolves, hungry for a midnight meal, encircled the group. The lives of two (edit: oh, i’m sorry, three) party members were on the tips of the wolves tongues, but the tide of battle turned and the wolves were killed. No treasure was gained, but some battle experience and some wisdom for Varis about the anger of the Ihniko woods, as the wolves seemed to be filled with a rabidity he had never seen before.

Scozz, EXP total?


Exp on 8/13=241 each…TOTAL 441 so far.

Adventure Log 2

Thanks for the summary!

who battled as if missing one of their number

Was this b/c of the dwarf not hittin’?

Also after wold battle, did we successfully rest another 8hrs or not yet?

Adventure Log 2

Yes, the dwarf was na hittin’. And yes, you rest 8 hours without incident.

Adventure Log 2

Before we rest, Sylus uses a HS.

Sylus slumps down and is visibly shaking and bloodied. “I can’t sleep guys. I’ve never been so close to death before. What did we do wrong? I feel that I could have used my powers differently.” He mumbles to himself a little and you hear, “they were just so fast. we should have separated them or maybe tried to scare a couple of them away.” He notices his mumbling and quickly looks up at Varis and Brandis and says “Either of you guys have anything to take the edge off? Some herbs, or salves, or something to ease the pain a little?” He looks at the rest of the party and he isn’t shaking anymore.

Adventure Log 2

oog: There’s no way to get email updates on the adventure logs is there? If not, any way we can move this log to the Wiki section?

Adventure Log 2

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