Fractured Realms

Magical Haunts in Olde Roen

Adventure Log 17

Blue laser crystal
Moving deeper into the wooded park in the dreamlike realm they seemed to have entered after Redra cast her ritual, the party sees a blue light hovering amidst tombstones. Upon closer inspection of the light, skeletal creatures raised themselves up from the cemetary ground and attacked. Following them was a large demonic humanoid with a large flaming sword, a nightmare, a devil creature from a nether plane. It became apparent that he appeared from an extra dimension. Other servants of his ran into the battle from the seams ripped between realms.

“You aren’t who I am looking for. No matter, I will kill you anyway.”

The party circled the wagons, protecting Redra. The demonic creature went invisible, making it difficult to keep track of him. Federin and Varis focused their fire on the demon, searching the air with their blades. The rest of the party contained the skeletal minions, slowly dispatching them. Federin and Varis finally pinned down the demon. Ultimately, the heroes won it, destroying the demon and his helpers, setting free Redra from from her curse.

Redra was obviously releaved and thankful to Sylus after the battle. She hung on his arm all the way to her place, where they were expecting to say goodbye. Redra, in passing, made note of strange lights appearing in the old estate house of Sylus’ family. The party decided to risk one last diversion on their way out of Dodge.

At the entrance to the old manor house, the party ran into two wraiths as a welcome back to the psionics ancestral home. The wraiths rose from the floors of the building, taking reduced damage from attacks and becoming invisible upon being hit. At one point they dominated Andxor and had him attack Sylus, wounding the psionic as he’d not been in quite a long time. The heroes turned the tables on the undead, and Andxor was released from their control. They dominated the wraiths with their might and destroyed the creatures once and for all.

Deeper into the house, the party entered the central courtyard, a place that had become wild and overgrown. Ghouls were snacking on bodies and turned to make a meal of the party. They rushed through the opened doors, and the party waited in the hall, surrounding them as they emerged, senidng them to their ultimate doom.

Once inside the room, small thorn sprites began to attack the party, remaining unseen amidst the difficult terrain. Federin used his fey origin to teleport behind the attacking sprites as the rest of the party moved in. The sprites were found and put down. Some minor treasure was found and pocketed.

The party investigated a door connected to the courtyard. A man with gaunt, boney features greeted them worriedly. After a brief, tense exchange, he stepped back from the door, to allow the party entrance. Once inside, it was clear to the party that things were amiss. Those gathered inside seemed to up to something suspicious. A glowing blue crystal was set in a statue atop a small table. The crystal glowed and a mist hung about the object. All of a sudden, the woman seeming to lead the group broke the tension and attacked the party. Her men followed suit. The party focused fire and bloodied the woman before she could act, shaking her composure, in fact, driving her quite insane with rage. This shifted battle as their leader was taken strategically out of the battle. Those seeking to exploit the break between realms whose ground zero was in Sylus ancestral home quickly lost their cause to the heroes.

After the battle, the party took a quick rest. The party examined the crystal and found that the Shadowfell was creeping in. They activated the crystal to travel to the Shadowfell, but thick black tentacles burst out of thin air and grabbed the party. Federin was knocked unconscious by the shock of traveling between realms so suddenly. Brandis and Varis were put down by the tentacles, but Andxor and Sylus oversaw the victory over the tentacles of black magical energy.
589 evards black tentacles kpl01



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