Fractured Realms

The Return of the King, er... Queen!

Adventure Log 14

Ihniko crown
What had happened to the king now that his throne was taken from him? A look out the windows showed the palace still standing, looking eerily abandoned in the moonlight. It was the first time the party was able to gaze at the walls of the palace from the outside. Would it and the king return to the Feywild with the sunrise? Or had their removal of the crown from the head of the king and from the walls of the castle been enough to dispel the weird magical effects that protected and imprisoned those within between the 3 realms (i.e., Prime, Fey, and Shadowfell)?

Unable to know the answers to those questions the party gathered the spoils from the lich’s chambers with special attention to those materials that could aid Falisar in figuring out how to free the king from the magic he presumably was still trapped/protected by. They also took all of the Thizeroth’s scholarship that was created in his attempt to figure out how to recreate the destruction of the city of Ihniko. With all of that piled onto two floating discs, the group descended a spiral staircase to a lower level where there was a large room with high ceilings, benches askew, and broken remnants of statues that venerated the Raven Queen. Among the benches were coffins. There was a dais and an altar at the far end of the room. Clearly, this was a place of worship for the ShadarKai who had inhabited the city before Thizeroth came with his undead army and redecorated.

As soon as the adventurers began looking around the place a whisp of shadow that flew above them warned, “Go no further for those who have tried before you have died and remain here forever!” The mad wraith did not get the memo that Thizeroth was killed and adventurers were actually on their way out.

Skeletons emerged from the coffins and a battle ensued. The party dispatched with the various undead rather handily. Just as they were feeling the unusual joy that comes from a victory easily won, a vampire (once a ShadarKai) rose from within the dais. He addressed the party, “I am one who sought fortune and fame by attacking Thizeroth and stealing his wealth. Now you will join me in my eternal home, as my slaves!”

Thanks to some minor bruising from the previous battle, the vampire put the party back on its heels before they were able to pin the beastie down and dispatch him for good.

The party exited the old church and were considering their next steps when Noddyl appeared seemingly out of nowhere. He bowed deeply to whom he thought was the king and to the queen. Introductions were made and Noddyl was informed of the party’s exploits, of which he was terribly disappointed not to have been a part. He explained that he had been captured by Dhalglish, the ShadarKai who took them through the sewers. He was tortured and questioned before being given a break by his captors and left alone a brief while. He hid unseen on the ceiling. When his interrogators returned, Noddyl dropped down and took the weapons off of one guard, killing him and the other guard within seconds. He then closed the cell door, trapping his interrogator before running him through with his sword when the ShadarKai rushed the cell door to protest. Thanks to his miniadventure, Noddyl didn’t fall behind the party in level.

With no reason to remain in the fouled city, they all returned to the Ihniko settlement. There, they were received as heroes, though the celebratory mood was slightly overshadowed by everyone’s concern for the king and the potential for a war between the Thizeroth and the Ihniko. They would worry about that tomorrow though, as that night was spent honoring the successful return of the queen and Falisar, as well as the adventurers. A concert of elven song and a feast of elven wine, food, and even women (or men, depending on your tastes (wink, wink BGA)) was enjoyed by all who had a taste for it.

The next morning, amidst the slow recovery from a night spent awash in fermenting beverages, saw the temperature drop sharply and clouds begin to gather in the west. By noon, snow was falling, though autumn had not yet begun. It was a strange sight to see, snow landing on trees with green leaves. There was confusion and panic as the Ihniko began to discuss the possibility that Thizeroth was approaching with an army. He was a high level wizard after all and such an unnatural display was not beyond his capability they guessed, but a more likely scenario, proposed Tenebron, is the approach of an army of Aeristhyde, the eladrin empire of the Winter Court. “That,” Falisar adds, “or the magics of the crown have ripped the divide between the Prime Realm and Feywild further and we are actually entering the Winter Realm in the Fey.”

Bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna do? Watcha gonna do when they come for you?…



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