Fractured Realms

To Kill a King (a Lich King that is)

Adventure Log 13

Queen sharonaur

The adventurers were separately questioned by Falisar, First Mage and Council to the Ihniko King. Each was asked to stand within a chalk circle and be the subject of a ritual that Falisar cast to discern the truthfulness of the adventurers statements. He asked each in turn their origins, their relationships to eachother, their relationship to any Aeristhyde or eladrin, and what brought them to the Palace of the Ihniko King.

The heroes told of where and whence they’d come, they told of their chance meeting in Laranyss and their first joint mission there in riding the countryside of a small goblin threat. Some included the groups battle with the wereboar that became your sleeping bard. Some also retold of your encounters in the deep Ihiniko woods, where you were tricked, betrayed, by a forest nymph, where you killed a cyclops and won the “cyclops eye”, where you met the Ihniko people and learned of their part in the history of the Prime Realm. The party even reported on their meeting with the Lich. Though they used him to get into the Palace, non pretended to be willing to fulfill the Lich’s wish of handing him the Ihniko king.

Collectively you gained the trust of Falisar with your honest answers. He was surprised, particularly by the cleric of Kord, in your willingness to submit to the ritual to prove your earnestness. He assured you, however, that your testimony, even coupled with his, would not convince the king. What’s worse was that Idranyl, the king’s son, would follow his mad father fanatically to the end. Furthermore, Idranyl inspired in his men the same level of devotion he felt for his father. There was hope, however; Falisar had the ear of the Queen and the two nephews, First Knights in the King’s Court. Last to the party was an Acolyte cleric of Corellon Lorethian, spiritual prodigy of the High Priest Elliodan, who died in the War of Three Forests.

Though under guard by Idranyl’s men, the party enjoyed the company of Falisar, the young priest, and the queen. In the final two minutes of their last hour before the Ihniko King’s execution decree was to be carried out, they decided Falisar should put the guards to sleep, while the queen separates the king from his crown, which contains the magical seed of the protective shell surrounding the palace, an artifact imbued with all of the magic and a piece of the soul of Uridan, King of the Ihniko elves.

Falisar knocked the gaurds out, and the Queen (rolling a 20 on her Bluff against the King) left the royal bed chamber, artifact crown in hand. Everything was going according to plan until Idranyl came rushing down the hall with Tildanyl and Rilyn, the officer nephews. The nephews were quickly snatched up to the side of the party, and Idranyl, reduced to a side of one could only try to tackle down his mother as everyone ran past him, british bull dog style.

Idranyl was successful and held his prey down, a Hamlet straddling his Gertrude, but then BGA, the brutish goliath, separated the Oedipal youth from his mother, and the party fled whole. They fled directly toward the portal, hoping the Lich would take their “king”, Falisar with the artifact crown on his head, with the queen at his side and a low level priest as manservant. The armored and armed nephews, they figured would pushing it. Those two agreed to stay behind and keep Idranyl at bay. They agreed to pay whatever penalty to pay for the others freedom. It was a very weepy moment.

You all huddled into the portal, electric blue energy snapped, crackled, and popped around you and through you, then suddenly you appeared in a different space, back in the Lich’s quarters. he bought your Bluff. Well done!

“I see you brought my gift. Please hand it over and proceed toward the exit. It’s been nice doing business with you.” The Lich was, in his mind, a man of class and manners.

Almost immediately, however, the party attacked. They faced a line of gravehounds, being directed by a skeleton legionnaire. As the party moved in, and Falisar rushed to the side to engage and lock down Thizeroth, a shadowy mad wight emerged through the table and launched itself at those in the front. As everyone held down a solid defense, hounds began to fall at the counterattack. Two mummies then emerged from crypts alongside a far wall. They entered battle and did some serious damage to the Ihniko priest. Before he could escape into a more strategic spot, he was put down, his spirit returned to his gods. Varis nearly joined the Ihniko elf, but isn’t it the story of these two elves communities, that the Shallanwode survive when the Ihniko die.

All foes were destroyed just as Falisar overpowered and slew the form that was Thizeroth for the time being. You could almost see the spirit leave the corpseform and fly back to its phylactery. Have you seen the last of Thizeroth, you wonder?

In his palace you discover some good loot, a fine ring (250 gp) on Thizeroth’s hand, a fine goblet (250 gp) on on the table. 6 gems, each worth 100 gp. 300 gp. … of shielding +2, an orb of …, and something else. Can anyone fill in the blanks in the comments? THere are also some rituals that pertain to protections, teleportation, and portals.

You look out the windows and see the palace firmly planted back on the hill. Some among you have not had the privelege of seeing the palace from this angle for 67 years, though they’ve lived in it that long. The queen is tearfilled, having left her husband, duped him into parting with his crown. What ill effects might occur when such a measure is taken? It is an artifact linked with his life spirit. She reaches into her robes and produces a finely made bow. She presents it to Varis.

“This is one of Idranyl’s bows. Take it as a token of thanks for freeing us and for bringing hope that there may be peace between our peoples.” She embraces Varis in a warm hug.

You feel like champs, you’ve just gained a level, but you remember, you are in a city full of undead, whose leader you just killed, but whose undead enough to come back and try to kill you again before you leave the city walls.


Oh yeah, and you lost your NPC (Noddyl).


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