Fractured Realms

Adventure Log 12.5

Adventure Log 12.5

Okay, so you are all in the throne room of the Ihniko king. From the last post…

“The party were cautiously let into Uridan’s many columned throne room. Eight elite archers stood next to columns. Two soldiers in fine elven plate, ornately decorated with a vine and floral design as well as the symbol of the Ihniko, stood in front of the king. A young elf, his greatbow in hand, stood proudly on the dais at the king’s side. A robed elf with a long crooked staff stood on the other side. The king, hunched in his throne, wearing silks of various greens with platinum threading and a tall golden crown, looked, from under darkened brows, at the party. Though the party had won entrance into the room, the feeling they got was clear, they had not fully overturned the suspicion of those within it.”

The guards are watching you. The two in fine elven plate are whispering to each other; one, with thin features, even for an elf, and a long sword in hand, gestures toward you as he talks, the other broader with a thin, two-handed sword hanging loosely in hand, shakes his head in apparent disagreement. The robed elf with the crooked staff is eyeing you and the king, seeming to see who will betray more with their words and expressions. The king, and the young elf whose bow is still being held tightly in his grip, an arrow in the fingertips of his firing hand, are both eyeing you with seeming contempt. This young elf you realize is wearing a thin crown of silver vines. His leather armor is very finely made and ornately decorated with the symbol of the Ihniko.

Your words seem to only make those around you pause, though what you’re saying in all true of course.

“My lord,” says one of the elves in plate, a tall elf with a severe look and long blonde hair, a long sword in hand, “What these men speak of explains the sights seen from the balconies of the palace. We have all witnessed the invasion by the Shadarkai and the war that then ensued with the undead army of the lich general. It all appeared to occur in far too fast to be real. Their explanation gives reason to believe it was real and not an Aeristhyde spell to contain us in a prison of confusion.”

“Knave, you know nothing of the magic of the cruel Aeristhyde, and you know nothing of these men. Do not try to council me in this manner.”

“My lord,” interrupts the robed figure. “Permit me to cast a ritual that will discern the truth of their words.”

“The Aeristhyde have ways around such magics. You know this, Falisar. Why do you suggest this?”

“My lord, we have encountered their deceptions before, and I am sure I can determine whether the Aeristhyde have interfered with the minds of these men.”

“Very well, but you will not taint my hall with their lies. Take them to a lower chamber. Idranyl and his men will go with you as protection. If there is trouble, dispatch them immediately and return here and I will do it myself.”

You are then escorted out by the young elf bowman and the eight archers with Falisar at the lead. You are taken down a spiraling staircase to a lower hall. The room is large 60 × 40. The ceilling is 30 feet up. There is cushioned seating with endtables gathered in various places around the room. There are a few bookshelves along the two long walls. There are tapestries hung on either end of the room on the short walls. One depicts elves at play in a forest scene, nakes amidst trees and lakes. The other end shows a great battle, elves clad in armore and fighting alongside humans against giantkin, gnolls, orc and goblinkind. The purpose of the room seems to be one of casual entertainment.
Now, your arcana rolls tell you (I assume those who rolled share their information with the group): There is a way to enlarge the portal on your end, but there are two problems with this: 1) you can’t enlarge the portal on the other end, so you would end up with a funnel effect, where you could stuff all you wanted through the larger end, but it would all still have to squeeze out of the small end, and 2) you don’t have the ritual, and if you did it’s beyond your capabilities.
So, whatayado?



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