Fractured Realms

Adventure Log 11

Adventure Log 11

The adventurers had fought off a pack of ghouls and chased a creature down an alley to a sewer grate. It became clear that creature was most likely a Shadar-kai, one of the people from the Shadowfell, a race devoted to the Raven Queen, Goddess of Death. The adventurers decided to return to the house from which the ghouls emerged, but on their way saw a six-legged, panther-like fey beast with two wickedly barbed tentacles stalking toward them.

Varis ran for the protection of the house, while Bie Gae stepped up to buffer the party from the shifty displacer beast. As Varis entered the house, he saw two ghouls, too enamored with the feast of what turned out to be Shadar-kai remains to have attacked the party earlier. The ghouls descended on Varis, one acrobatically leaping over a table in its desperate attempt to get to him.

The displacer beast was backed off and ran away near dead due to attacks from most of the party, but then another emerged from a side street and pounced upon Noddyl. In the house, with the help of party members who had rushed in to the house having been outside fighting the first displacer beast, the battle was turned against the ghouls and the ghouls were destroyed. Then everyone was free to focus fire on the second displacer beast, dispatching it, from unbloodied to dead, in one round. Go team!

The victorious adventurers boarded up the house from the inside and searched through what remained of the ghoul’s meal. On the body parts of the decimated Shadar-kai that were strewn about the sitting parlor, 100s of years into its final decay, the adventurers were rewarded with the following pickings: a suit of leather, 2 suits of studded leather, 3 daggers, 2 long swords, a scimitar (which turned out to be a +1 Luck Blade(what luck! but no wishes…ah, 4th ed.)), and 60 gold.

The adventurers decided to hold up in the second floor bedroom furthest from the stairs. While they slept, a Shadar-Kai party crept up the stairs and began searching rooms. The adventurers awoke and stood ready for a fight, but prepared to parlay. When they opened the door, Brandis boldly hailed them and began to negotiate a partnership.

Shadarkai ihniko

The Shadar-Kai were a strange lot, with tattoos, scarification, and punk hair styles. This group of Shadowfallen was captained by Baylin Tor, a tall, muscular man with a pointed black-beard and a severe face. Upon his bald head, his neck and face, were scars, both from war and by design. He wore a suit of fine mail, clearly magical. All of his soldiers wore leather or studded leather armor with black coats of arms displaying the insignia of the Raven Queen, a raven’s feather.

In the discussion, the adventurers revealed their affiliation with the Ihniko elves and admitted their two aims: 1) finding the Lich’s phylactery and, 2) ultimately, entering the ancient Ihniko King’s Palace. Brandis’ diplomatic speech, wherein he detailed the successes of the party, most recent of which was the dispatchment of a group of ghouls who had dispatched a small platoon of Tor’s own men, compelled Baylin to accept the partnership, though he still placed one of his men with their group as a failsafe against the liability the party represented to his own agenda.

Dhalglish, Baylin’s man, was of average height, but very slender, giving him the appearance of greater height. He wore leather armor and wielded a short sword in his right hand, a dagger in his left. A light crossbow swung at his side, and a shoulder bag hung round his back. He was always almost totally silent, and often he would simply disappear into the shadows and reappear out of thin air.

It was Dhalglish who navigated the sewer passageways for the party, so that they could find the Hag in the southeast part of the city. The Green Hag notoriously roamed the old market place, right outside the palace walls that protected the Thizeroth’s chapel home, and the party thought they could maybe pump her information? The motive was vague, but the aim clear, “Find the hag.”

Dhalglish disarmed and reset traps as everyone entered and exited the sewers. “I’m glad we didn’t try to head down into the sewers ourselves,” Andxor quipped as they climbed below the city. Varis, ever watchful, caught a good look at what Dhalglish was doing on the way back up, giving him a +5 Thievery check when attempting to disarm or set these traps in the future.

The party came up in the southeasternmost corner of the city. Having heard the group surfacing, four skeletons, who were roaming aimlessly beforehand, found a purpose. Varis and Noddyl took to the roof of a small store house and began picking them off as they approached, while other party members supported at range. Just as the skeletons were getting finished off, a 12 foot tall, hulking zombie ran-shambled out from the northeast and a woman’s cry for help was heard from the west. With the choice of engaging one of the following-

Nicole hag

-they chose the potentially hot damsel in distress, despite the fact that she was probably the hag they had come to threaten/kill/negotiate with/all of the above. How would fate repay their potential chivalry? Once they arrived in front of her, her clothes tattered to nearly revealing her sexy bits, the beautiful woman’s frown turned into a hideous, wrinkled grin. The magic facade of her beauty melted away to reveal a twisted, old face. The saddening sob of a victim perverted into the insane cackle of a killer as the hag came to the glorious conclusion that her trap encouraged you all to position yourselves perfectly in her blast radius! Oh yeah, and there’s a hulking zombie on your asses! Wait, where did Dhalglish go?


“Varis, quick, disarm her with your charm!” -Andexor, right before something bad happened.

Adventure Log 11

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